Cara Books

As well as selling second hand books in the shop,  I have 95 International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) available and so have the capacity to do some publishing. This was an idea I had while staying in a cottage called Cara, hence the name.

Have you written a book or pamphlet that's in need of a publisher? If so I can help, and can organise formatting, printing and binding as well, if required. Naturally, I can't afford to do this for free but would be happy to make a one-off charge so that the author will not have to pay any extra should his/her work become a best-seller! All the proceeds from selling your work belong to you, which is as it should be.

Some "hybrid" publishing deals entail authors paying thousands of pounds upfront and getting very little in return. There's no way, unless your book is War & Peace size and you ask for more than more than 100 copies, that you should pay a four figure sum. Nobody will ever be ripped off by Cara Books or by Connolly's Wee Book Shop!

If all you need is a publisher with an ISBN and you wish to do all the formatting, printing etc yourself the fee is £25. This compares to £89 if you buy a single ISBN from Nielsen; a saving of £64. 

Obviously I need to read your work first. I'm quite a tough critic and difficult to please, and since this is an ethical business I'm sure you'll understand when I say that Cara Books will not publish anything I find to be offensive, sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, environmentally unfriendly, a glorification of violence or unsuitable for vegans or for disabled people, but if I decide not to proceed I promise to give you feedback so you'll not be left to wonder why. If your desire is to become the next Clarkson or Rod Liddle then please don't waste your time or mine. 

If you would like to enquire about having your work published, please feel free to get in touch at

Thanks and all the best.


Our first books are on sale, and are also available as a paperback or a Kindle e-book via A****n.*  Eating Rats in your Council House is on sale at a discount price of £7.50 each including P&P. 

The book was written by me, and is an exploration of how football has been diverting the working class, especially men, from finding more useful things to do with our time, and has been wasting people's money and selling a flawed product for over 100 years, but only because it has been allowed to get away with doing so because of the addictive personality of the fans. 

It's a serious work but I've tried to include a modicum of wit, because wit is the magic ingredient that can make all the difference between a book, play or film that's worth seeing/reading/listening to and one that leaves everybody bored.

Here's the link. 

Also now available, Sheffield's Forgotten Poet tells the story of the wonderful, but virtually unknown, Felix Noonan, along with rediscovering some of his poetry.

My latest wee book, Falling in Love with the A75, is out now on You Know Where, while the paperback is on sale right here for a discounted price of £2.50 including P&P. 

* This is a sell-out. I know, and agree, but it's also the only way to sell a self-penned book these days.