In alphabetical order:

ALLEN Woody:  Complete Prose

ALVAREZ Raphael:  The Wire

AMBLER Eric:  The Mask of Dimitrios 

ANONYMOUS:  The Secret Barrister

APPIGNANESI Richard & GARRATT Chris:  Postmodernism for Beginners

ARCHIBALD Malcolm:  Bloody Scotland

ARNOTT Jake:  He Kills Coppers

ASHE Arthur & RAMPERSAD Arnold:  Days of Grace

ATWOOD Margaret:  Conversations                                      

The Handmaid's Tale

Wilderness Tips

BAGEANT Joe:  Deer Hunting with Jesus

BAGGINI Julian:  Making Sense

The Pig that Wants to be Eaten

Welcome to Everytown

BAIR Deirdre:  Samuel Beckett

BARKER Theo (ed):  The Long March of Everyman

BARSTOW Stan:  A Kind of Loving

BECKETT Andy:  Pinochet in Piccadilly

BEERBOHM Max:  Zuleika Dobson

BEHAN Brendan:  Complete Plays

Hold Your Hour & Have Another

BELL Steve:  Apes of Wrath

BENN Tony:  Arguments for Socialism

Free At Last

More Time For Politics

BENNETT Alan:   The Lady in the Van 

BERNE Eric:  Games People Play

BLACKBURN Simon:  Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy

BOLD Alan:  Scottish Quotations

BOSWELL James:  The Life of Johnson

BOYLE  Jimmy:  A Sense of Freedom

BOYNE John:  The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

BRANSON Noreen:  Poplarism 1919-1925

BRONOWSKI Jacob: The Ascent of Man

BROOK Heather:  The Silent State

BROWN Christy:  Down all the Days

BROWNMILLER Susan:  Against Our Will

BRYCE David:  Alive & Kicking

BUKOWSKI Charles:  Ham on Rye

Post Office

Run with the Hunted

BURROUGHS Bryan:  Public Enemies

BURNS Robert:  The Canongate Burns

BUNTING Brian:  The Rise of the South African Reich

BURDEN Peter:  News of the World?

CAMUS Albert:  The Outsider

The Plague

CAPOTE Truman:  In Cold Blood

The Complete Stories

CARLIN Anne:  Keep It Vegan

CHAUCER Geoffrey:  The Canterbury Tales

CHIPPINDALE Peter & HARRIMAN Ed:  Juntas United!

CHRISTIE Stuart:  Granny Made Me An Anarchist

COEN Ethan:  Gates of Eden

COLLINS Wilkie:  The Woman in White

CONLON Gerry:  Proved Innocent

CONNOLLY Chris*:  Football is Gash

CONRAD Joseph:  Heart of Darkness

The Secret Agent

COWELL John:  Where They Lived In Dublin

CRACE John:  Brideshead Abbreviated

CRANSTON Maurice:  Sartre

DARWIN Charles:  On the Origin of Species

DAVIDSON Nick:  Pirates, Punks & Politics

DAVIES Hunter:  The Beatles

DAVIES Nick:  Flat Earth News

DELDERFIELD Eric R:   The Lynmouth Flood Disaster

DICKIE John:  Cosa Nostra

DILLON Martin:  The Shankill Butchers

DONNACHIE Ian & HEWITT George:  Collins Dictionary of Scottish History

DOSTOYEVSKY Fyodor:  Crime & Punishment

DOWNING Taylor (ed):  The Troubles

DOYLE Arthur Conan:  The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

DOYLE Roddy:  Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha


DUPRE Ben:  50 Philosophy Ideas

ELLROY James:  My Dark Places

The Hilliker Curse

ESQUIVEL Laura:  Like Water for Chocolate

FARMAN Christopher:  The General Strike

FINAN Steve:  Lifted Over the  Turnstiles

FINN Joe:  Chartists & Chartism

FOOT Paul:  The Helen Smith Story

The Vote

FORMAN Charles:  Industrial Town

FOWLES John:  Daniel Martin

The French Lieutenant's Woman

FRANK Anne:  Diary of a Yong Girl

FRANKEN Al:  Lies & The Lying Liars who Tell Them

FUNDER Anna:  Stasiland 

GENET Jean:  The Thief's Journal

GIBBON Lewis Grassic:  A Scots Quair

GILLING Tom & McKNIGHT John:  Trial & Error

GLASSER Ralph:  Growing up in the Gorbals/Gorbals Boy at Oxford/Gorbals Voice, Siren Songs 

GODREY Dinyar:  The No-Nonsense Guide to Climate Change

GOLDACRE Ben:  Bad Science

GOLDING William:  Lord of the Flies

The Inheritors

GORDIMER Nadine:  Livingstone's Companions

GOTT Richard:  Hugo Chavez & The Bolivarian Revolution

GRAEBER David:  Bullshit Jobs

GRANT Richard E:  With Nails

GRAVES Robert:  Count Bellisario

GREENE Graham:  The Honorary Consul

Travels With My Aunt

GREENWALD Glenn:  No Place to Hide

GROSSMITH George & Weedon:  The Diary of a Nobody

HAIG Matt:  Reasons to Stay Alive

HARRIS Nigel:  Thinking the Unthinkable

HARTLEY LP:  The Hireling

HEGGIE Morris & DAVIDSON Peter:  The Broons' Days Oot

HEMINGWAY Ernest:  The Old Man & The Sea

HERRERA Hayden:  Frida

HINES Barry:  A Kestrel for a Knave

Looks and Smiles

The Gamekeeper

HOBSBAWM Eric:  Age of Extremes

HORNBY Nick:  Fever Pitch

HOSAIN Attia:  Phoenix Fled

ISHERWOOD Christopher:  Goodbye to Berlin

JACOB Violet:  Flemington, and Tales from Angus

JAMES Erwin:  A Life Inside

JAMIESON Alexandra:  Living Vegan for Dummies

JONES Owen:  The Establishment

JOYCE James:  Dubliners

The Essential James Joyce

KAMENKA Eugene (ed):  The Portable Karl Marx

KAY Billy:  Scots: The Mother Tongue

The Scottish World

KEEFE Patrick Radden:  Say Nothing

KENEALLY Thomas:  A Family Madness

Schindler's Ark

The Great Shame

The Office of Innocence

Victim of the Aurora

KENNEDY Ludovic:  All in the Mind

In Bed with an Elephant

KEROUAC Jack:  Big Sur

Lonesome Traveler

On the Road

The Sea is My Brother

KIERNAN Ford & HEMPHILL Greg:  Still Game

KLEIN Naomi:  No Logo

This Changes Everything

LAPIERRE Dominique & MORO Javier:  5 Minutes Past Midnight in Bhopal

LAPPING Brian:  The Labour Government 1964/70

LE CARRE John:  Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

LEE Harper:  Go Set a Watchman

To Kill a Mocking-Bird

LEE Laurie:  A Rose for Winter

Cider With Rosie

I Can't Stay Long

LEIGH David:  Betrayed

LEIGH David & VULLIAMY Ed:  Sleaze: The Corruption of Parliament

LENEMAN Leah:  Vegan Cooking For One

LEVI Primo:  If This is a Man/The Truce

LEVY Angela:  Small Island

LLEWELLYN Richard:  How Green Was My Valley

LONDON Jack:  The Iron Heel

LONGMATE Norman:  Milestones in Working Class History

MACDONALD Ian (et al):  Murder in the Playground

MacDOUGALL Carl (ed):  Scots: The Language of the People

MacINNES Colin:  City of Spades

MacWHIRTER Iain: Disunited Kingdom

MAILER Norman:  Miami & The Siege of Chicago

The Executioner's Song

MARQUEZ Gabriel Garcia:  One Hundred Years of Solitude

McARTHUR A & LONG H Kingsley:  No Mean City

McCARTHY Cormac:  No Country for Old Men

McGINN Matt:  McGinn of the Calton

McLELLAN David:  Marx

McLELLAN Robert:  Linmill Stories
MAUGHAM W. Somerset:  The Moon & Sixpence

MILL John Stuart:  Utilitarianism

MILLER Mark Crispin:  The Bush Dyslexicon

MILLSTEIN Seth:  The Little Book of Trumpisms

MILNE Seumas:  The Enemy Within

MOORE Michael:  Downsize This

Dude, Where's My Country

Fahrenheit 911

Stupid White Men

MOORE Oscar:  PWA: Looking Aids in the Face

MORGAN Kenneth O:  Keir Hardie

MORRISON George:  An Irish Camera

MORRISON  Toni:  Paradise

MORTIMER John:  Clinging to the Wreckage

Paradise Postponed

Titmuss Regained

MULLIN Chris:  Error of Judgment

MUNRO Hugh:  The Clydesiders

MUNRO Neil:  Para Handy

MURRAY Peter & Linda:  The Penguin Book of Art & Artists

NYISZLI Miklos:   Auschwitz: A Doctor's Eyewitness Account

O'BRIEN Edna:  In The Forest

The Little Red Chairs

O'BRIEN Michael:  The Death of Justice

ORWELL George:  Down & Out in Paris & London

Nineteen Eighty-Four

The Clergyman's Daughter

OSTERWALD Tilman:  Pop Art

O'TOOLE Fintan:  Enough is Enough

PATERSON Bill:  Tales from the Back Green

PATON Alan:  Cry, the Beloved Country

PEACE David:  The Damned Utd

PIERRE DBC:  Vernon God Little

POSNER Gerald:  Killing the Dream

PREBBLE John:  Glencoe

The Highland Clearances

RAEBURN Antonia:  The Militant Suffragettes

REED John:  Ten Days that Shook the World

RICHARDS Jeffrey & McKENZIE John M:  The Railway Station: A Social History

ROBERTSON James:  Scottish Ghost Stories

ROBINS Jon:  Guilty Until Proven Innocent

ROBINSON Dave & GROVES Judy:  Introducing Philosophy

RONSON Jon:  Lost At Sea

Out of the Ordinary

So You've Been Publicly Shamed

The Men Who Stare At Goats

The Psychopath Test


ROSBOTTOM Ronald:  When Paris Went Dark

ROSS David:  Scotland: History of a Nation

RUSSELL Bertrand:  The History of Western Philosophy

SACKS Oliver:  The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat

SALINGER JD:  The Catcher in the Rye

SARTRE Jean-Paul:  The Reprieve

SCHLOSSER Eric:  Fast Food Nation

SCHWARTZ Peter:  Stalingrad: A Pictorial History

SILLITOE Alan:  Saturday Night & Sunday Morning

SIMPSON  John:  Despatches from the Barricades

SINGER Peter:  Practical Ethics

SINGER Peter & MASON Jim:  Eating

SKVORECKY Josef:  The Mournful Demeanour of Lieutenant Boruvka 

SMITH Martin Cruz:  Gorky Park

SMOUT TC &  WOOD Sydney:  Scottish Voices 1745-1960

SNOW Jon:  Shooting History

STEEL Mark:  What's Going On?

STEEL Tom:  The Life & Death of St Kilda

STEINBECK John:  Cannery Row

STOKER Bram:  Dracula

STOKES Phillip:  The World's Greatest Thinkers

STOREY David:  This Sporting Life

STRACHEY Lytton:  Eminent Victorians

TAYLOR AJP:  The Origins of the Second World War

TAYLOR Peter:  Provos, the IRA and Sinn Fein

THEROUX Paul:  The Great Railway Bazaar

THOMPSON EP:  The Making of the English Working Class

THOMPSON Hunter S:  Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas

TOLSTOY Leo:  Anna Karenina 

TOIBIN Colm:  The South

TOMSETT Alice:  The Ultimate Guide to Wildlife of the British Isles

TOOBIN Jeffrey:  The People v OJ Simpson

TOOLE John Kennedy:  A Confederacy of Dunces

TOYNBEE Polly & WALKER David:  Cameron's Coup

TRANTER Nigel:  The Story of Scotland

TRESSELL Robert:  The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists

VARIOUS AUTHORS:  Children of Albion Rovers

Lallans ~ 96, 97, 98, 99

Only in Govan

Scottish Folk & Fairy Tales

The Photo Book

Yeats is Dead!

WAINWRIGHT Alfred:  Wainwright in Scotland

WARD Judith:  Ambushed

WATERHOUSE Keith:  Billy Liar

WATSON Tom & HICKMAN Martin:  Dial M for Murdoch

WAUGH Evelyn:  Decline & Fall

WELLS HG:  The First Men in the Moon

The Island of Dr Moreau

WELSH Irvine:  Filth

WESTON Tony & BISHOP Yvonne:  Vegan

WHEATCROFT Geoffrey:  Yo, Blair!

WHITE RJ:  Waterloo to Peterloo

WIDGERY David:  Some Lives

WIESEL Elie:  Night

WILDE Oscar:  The Picture of Dorian Gray

WOLFE Tom:  The Bonfire of the Vanities

WOLFF Michael:  Fire & Fury

WOOLF Virginia:  Orlando

To the Lighthouse

ZEPHANIAH Benjamin:  Teacher's Dead

ZOLA Emile:  Germinal

The Beast In Man

The Earth