My third attempt to run a second hand book shop. The first, The Besotted Wretch, more or less led to financial ruin, and the second, the original Connolly's Wee Book Shop, was heading the same way till I saw the light, and turned it off. I should have just sold books over the internet in the first place.

In the list below, different genres are mixed up because new titles will be added every now and then and it might be too complicated to fit them into categories. Besides, it all makes browsing more enjoyable, but if you'd like to make things a bit easier the authors are listed alphabetically on the AUTHORS page. I  wouldn't sell anything that I'd not be prepared to read myself but that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with books that don't make the cut; anybody who can put a story together well enough to get it published deserves respect, whether the final product is my/your/our cup of tea or not. 

All prices include P&P. This sometimes comes in quite expensive but only if a book is big and/or heavy. On average they are about the same price as a pint of beer in the pub, but should give satisfaction and enjoyment for much longer without making you feel sick in the morning. I've not put a Pay Pal button in because you might feel better contacting me in person to ask a question, to pay the old-fashioned way or leave some feedback. If so, please send a message at, or you can always call me on 07949 959895. Ignore the stuff about quantities and carts; these things come with the Wix website shop service but there's only 1 copy of each book available and you'll not be needing a cart. If you live outwith the UK I'm afraid you'll need to come over and fetch your order but only when it's safe to do so. 

CWB is a proud member of the Alliance of Radical Booksellers.

There are currently 293 second hand or reduced-price books on the shelves: